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PRESCO is a full service Bay Area real estate firm with a focus on the East Bay Tri-Valley areas. Owner Brock Hopkins has over 25 years of experience in representing buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords in real estate transactions. PRESCO has transaction experience across the entire Bay Area and has extensive local knowledge of land, residential, retail, office and industrial properties in Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin and San Ramon.

Commercial Real Estate

Brock developed his strong real estate brokerage skills, expertise and knowledge as a commercial broker in the most dynamic real estate market on the planet, the Silicon Valley.  Brock has a passion for closing commercial real estate deals and uses creative strategies and persistence to help clients sort through viable alternatives and overcome obstacles.   Business managers have repeatedly engaged PRESCO to find properties and negotiate deals to accommodate their growth and expansion.   Brock has expertise in writing and interpreting contracts and interfacing with attorneys, environmental consultants, appraisers, lenders and contractors.

Commercial Real Estate Services

Residential Real Estate

PRESCO also provides buyer and property representation services for clients buying and selling homes in the Bay Area.  Buying a home today is challenging in battling through multiple offers on existing houses and dealing with lender loan restrictions. More buyers will come off the sidelines as rents continue to increase and home prices are predicted to soften this year. There are alternative tactics and strategies available to buyers who moved out of property ownership during the last recession and are now ready to buy again.  Brock Hopkins will utilize his brokerage skills and contacts to professionally represent you in reaching your residential real estate goals.

Residential Real Estate Services

Professional Real Estate Services

Real Estate Brokerage is a profession much like the legal, accounting or medical fields where its practitioners are bound to perform in a competent manner with duties and priorities set in the best interest of the client. California Real Estate Agency Law mandates that Brokers owe their clients a duty to evaluate the financial impact, legal consequences, tax aspects and risk exposure of each real estate transaction. Successful Real Estate Brokerage results when these duties are combined with proper doses of market know how, sharp analytic skills and excellent negotiation abilities to deliver a superior level of professional competency.

PRESCO, a Professional Real Estate Services Company, operates under these principles and levels of professional competency. Owner and Principal Broker, Brock Hopkins has a powerful set of real estate brokerage skills, experience and contacts developed through representing clients and properties in the Bay Area. Brock has closed hundreds of real estate deals helping individuals and business managers to successfully achieve their real estate goals.